Where can I find

Where to buy?

Turnov is full of shops where you can buy all fresh food for cooking lunch or dinner. If you would like to go shopping on foot, there is a grocery store in the village of Bělá (approx. 2 km from the accommodation).

Where to eat?

There are all kinds of restaurants, pizzerias and other dining options in the area. If you do not have the strength to prepare dinner throughout the day, go to one of the restaurants in the town of Turnov, or walk to the village Sedmihorky. There are a lot of dining options here. During the warmer months, you can grill on the outdoor grill. It is also possible to order ready-made food with delivery.

Where for first aid?

Turnov is full of pharmacies, where they will be happy to sell you the medicines you need. There is also a first aid hospital. You can also arrange adequate travel insurance with a sufficiently high limit of medical expenses insurance and other supplementary insurance, so that nothing surprises you during the holiday.

Where to bathe?

There is a newly built swimming pool with water slides in Turnov. If you would like natural swimming, the area around the accommodation is full of ponds, or a weir on the river Jizera in Dolánky or Přepere.

Where to go on a trip?

You have come to the Bohemian Paradise, which has countless castles, chateaux and rock formations. A popular attraction is the descent of the river Jizera on a raft, or a canoe from Malá Skála to Dolánky. You can choose to ride a scooter or train on the way back.


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